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John Fustaigne, Editor-in-Chief at Fustaigne Publishing,  is one of Australia’s leading media consultants, a writer, social commentator and celebrated bon vivant.

For over 20 years John has submitted a stream of fascinating and thought provoking articles to well known magazines, including the Spectator, the Economist and the New York Review. He hopes to see one of them published shortly.

His books, including The Fustaigne Book of Wisdom and Voices in my Head can be found in the remainder bin of most good book shops.

His unbroadcast work for TV includes The Getting of Publicity and We of the Neverheardofyou.

Many organisations, such as the United Nations, ASEAN, the EEC, Wikipedia and the Australian Electoral commission have never heard of John Fustaigne either.

John is an indefatigable letter writer. His carefully crafted missives to major and provincial newspapers have always ignited apathy and indifference.

John’s services to public good include a leading role in the International Organising Committee for the Restitution of Philip Adams’ Marbles. He serves on the advisory board of the Centre for the Mindless at Western Plains Technical College.

John has always been given the recognition he deserves.


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