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Wedding Tackle Moves Bride to Tears

Confronting footage has emerged of a wedding party in Wusturn Plins that turned ugly. It was supposed to be the wedding of the year when Angelina and Brad finally tied the knot. And things were going well according to eyewitnesses: the groomsmen were happily having a ‘scrum’ during the wedding ceremony when suddenly someone overheard the vicar say something about ‘forsaking all others’. Brad’s best man, Trev, was moved to remind Brad about the happy times they had spent together playing ‘rugger’ in the bottom paddock. At first the bride was a little upset. She had always known about Brad’s ‘other wife’, but she had hoped that in time and given the right sort of encouragement, Brad would mend his ways. She didn’t even mind when one of the bridesmaids also accused Brad of posting nude photographs of her on the internet. However the bride’s mood changed from dismay to outright fury when more and more of Brad’s other wives stepped forward to reveal (in graphic detail) that Brad had done more than experiment with a little jiggery pokery in the scrum, but that he had always been a back rower and what’s more, he enjoyed it. Fortunately Brad recognised the truth about himself just in time. He reassured his chums that rugger would always be his first love and that getting married wouldn’t change a thing. Angelina was consoled by the bridesmaids then nipped out for a fag and was never seen in a size 10 dress again.

Cluck here to see the whole ugly busnuss



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