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‘Miraculous’ find in attic

A Western Plains man who has spent the last 4 weeks in his attic sifting through rubbish claims to have discovered the Holy Pretext.
‘I just opened the paper and there it was’ said finder, Hiram B Warmonger.
According to legend, the Wholly Pretence has the power to provide distraction to those who gaze upon it, as well as excuses in abundance and complete justification for those with blind faith. The Pretence presented to the world’s media this week is elaborately decorated with a solid alibi and a cast iron guarantee.  It has been certified as authentic  by Tony Blair although some sceptics think they might have heard claims like this before and [read more…]



Unannounced acts of war now wholly defensible when you think about it says Western Plains man who has seen Holy Pretext



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