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Born on this day: Sanktimonius Kant, Australian philosopher

Australian philosopher, scholar, blogger, cape-wearer, author of Criticise This, Sanktimonius Kant was born on this day around umteensixtyfive. Proponent of hypocritical school of thought and insincere belief systems. Largely ignored during his lifetime by people who knew him (unpopular kant), Kant believed that he had the answer to all of the world’s problems. Although the exact nature of his beliefs remains the subject of uninteresting debate (boring kant), Kant argued for most of his life (obnoxious kant) unfortunately. One common myth about Kant is that he could start an argument in an empty house. In fact, he demonstrated that by expressing mutually incompatible views in the same sentence he could not only start an argument with himself, he could also settle it to his own satisfaction (smug kant). Kant famously demonstrated the categorical imperative that if someone does something wrong, no matter how insignificant, that will cause a whole bunch of people (self-righteous kants) to emerge from the woodwork. In his entire life Kant never travelled more than two kilometres from Western Plains as he refused to get in a bus or taxi driven by a man with personal hygiene issues or a potential mass murderer which, in the Western Plains of his day, pretty much ruled out travel to any [read more…]


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