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Ways of Reading

By John Bergeraigne
Reading – it’s such an old fashioned term isn’t it? Most of us just do it without thinking. Some people feel compelled to read as much as two or three times a week, while others choose not to read at all. But new research what I have done suggests that some people are born unable to read and it may be society that determines whether we learn to read or not. More importantly, it may also be society that determines ‘how’ we read. But of course that completely misses the point. Here at Fustaigne Publishing we believe that journalism knows no reading preference. That’s why we’ve given up even trying. We won’t judge you if you read the words, but it’s probably best that you don’t. [Read more….or less….please yourself]


couple reading

See here love, the Bible teaches us that reading is when a husband and wife love each other very much:  the husband grips his wife firmly and sticks mister pointer in her pagina while she wishes she was some place else.



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