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Why outing celebrities is so not gay or interesting

By Jordaigne Fustaigne, the Herald’s Show Business and Agricultural Affairs Correspondent.

Personally I think it’s great that ‘celebrities’ (and I do hate labels, don’t you?) can come out and reveal that they are not gay or ‘interesting’ at all.
Take media personality Wendy Harpie for example. Wendy grew up in a not remotely interesting part of Australia, or Queensland to give it its proper name, where hardly any ‘interesting’ people lived.
In the Queensland of Wendy’s childhood real blokes were only interested in the footy. And sheilas were only interested in real blokes who were interested in the footy.
Wendy never met anyone that she knew of who was interested in her. Even remotely.
It was only when she tumbled headlong into the swinging arts scene of Melbourne in the 1990s (that’s what it says here – ed) that Wendy met people with whom she had something in common – the artists, singers, dancers, writers, poets, bloggers – in short, a wonderful tribe of people who were all interested in the same thing – themselves.
Coming from not remotely interesting Queensland, Wendy naively assumed that all men from Melbourne fitted into a binary version of sexuality – some of them were openly gay and the rest were secretly gay.
That would explain why, despite her fairly obvious chat-up lines, she never got to have sex with any of them.
Wendy now realises that she was oblivious to the sexual preferences of the men she met.
Most of them were only pretending to be gay.
Over the next few weeks, we will be asking whether men propositioned by boring self-obsessed women should come right out and admit that they don’t find them gay or ‘interesting’, or should they pretend not to be interested in any women?


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