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Vale Stir-Fry

An Elegy on the Offing of Stir-Fry by Lawrence Fustaingetti

The Ancients had a word for it
Herodotus of course
It’s not a river pig he said
It is a river horse.

Maybes he was good at science
Jommetry and history
But we give him an F minus
For his poor taxonomy

For military history
Would very different be
If Hannibal had crossed the Alps
On hippo cavalry

Or Ghengis with his army
Of horsemen from the tundra
Mounted on their hardy

The plural hippopotami
Is used very rarely
We like hippopotamuses
On the clapham omnibi.

Stir-Fry the Hippo here he lies
An specimen of his species
Though all reports about his death
Were completely feckin specious.


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