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Western Herald Code of Conduct For Advertisers

Readers may occasionally see content that looks like advertising on this website. Whilst you may or may not like them, advertisements help to keep down the cost of running a media business, and to keep up the cost of everything else. If you see an advertisement that causes offence or embarrassment, you can try writing to us at [read more…]



There’s been a revolution in the way that we treat pain! Fustaigne’s Codeine now comes in chocolate coated tablets. For quick-acting pain relief, take one or two tablets every 4 hours or as directed by your doctor. For permanent pain relief, take the whole bottle.



For people on the go, getting the nutritious breakfast that we need can be a nightmare! That’s why I’ve switched to Fustaigne’s Unadulterated Filth. It’s full of carbohydrates for the energy that we need, anti-oxidants for preventing oxidants, and alcohol to help you deal with all those annoying cunts at work. Fustaigne’s Unadulterated Filth – the perfect start to every day!


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