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Western Plains Athletes Dopes Fears

The President of the Western Plains Anti-Doping Agency (W-Panda) says the result of dope testing among local athletes is “not good news for anyone”.

It has been revealed that eight tests took place between January 2015 and December 2016. Whilst four tests returned negative results, two showed traces of viagra, one showed traces of cocaine, and one showed traces of drench.

“The results show a serious failure in our athletes’ education” said W-Panda President Glaxo Fustaigne. “Every year we advise the athletes that we will be conducting random drug tests. We even tell them what day we will be coming to conduct the random drug tests. But some of these dopes can’t even read a calendar.”


test tube with blue liquid

Having fizzy blue urine is integral part of sport in Australia says Fustaigne




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