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New Dylan Masterpiece Nearly Released

Billy Bragg has updated of one of Dylan Fustaigne’s classic songs, The Lights They Are A-Changin (check it out on Western Plains Tube). In an exclusive for the Western Herald, Dylan returns the compliment.

I was twentyone years when I wrote some songs
I’m eightyone now but I won’t be for long
People ask me when will you retire?
All the girls you knew in school are already walking in frames

I was once a spokesperson for my whole generation
Now I can’t go a day without my special medication
I’m older now and the plain fact is
I need my digitalis

I don’t want to change my clothes
Take a shower or speak to the media
I’m just living here in seclusion
Waiting for the conclusion

Oh I was once a poet and a bit iconoclastic
But folk just flipped when I went from acoustic to electric
Well I loved those songs and I love them still
I just feel bad when I get the leccy bill

I heard a noise, I thought it was the chimes of freedom clashing
And in my youth I did believe the times they were a-changin
But that was bloody yesterday
Before the US election

The votes are cast, the results are in
The future is uncertain
It brings the tears into my eyes
That’s the power of an onion.


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