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Applications Now Being Accepted at Western Plains Tech

Western Plains Technical College
Making tomorrow better than ever


Registerations is now open for undergraduate courses at Western Plains Technical Colloege and Smash Repair Shop.  We have a wide range of courses available, including Panel Beating, Anger Management, Bogan Rappery and LGBT Studies so apply now and get yourselves tooled up education-wise so to speak.*

WP Tech is recognised for its courses all over Western Plains. It’s the graffiti covered shed conveniently located 10 kilometres out of town. [Find out more….]

WP Tech has campuses in both Western Plains and Eastern Plains making us truly global. [Find out more….]

WP Tech courses are grounded in the real world. Irregardless of what score you get in your exams, we’ll give you what you need to succeed – a pass mark. [Find out more….]

WP Tech Jack of All Trades. This course provides you with a blank diploma so you can fill in all the important bits yourself. Or get your mum to do it if you are literally challenged. And by literally challenged we mean [Find out more….]

At WP Tech we believe that brilliance knows no sexual preference. Neither does ignorance obviously, but that completely misses the point. [Find out more….]

*Some courses may require actual study or whatever. Ask if you are not sure.


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