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Nothing suspicious about match fixing says Chairman

The Chairman of Western Plains Tennis Club, Leyton Fustaigne has said he sees nothing untoward in releasing the results for the first round of next week’s Western Plains Open seven days before the games are played.

‘I know many people will be disappointed with this outcome’ he said ‘But I can assure the public that we had long discussions with the Open’s regular sponsor, Western Plains TAB, before settling on the results. And besides, the TV people need to know in advance whether to book three or four nights at the Flushing Toilets Caravan Park.’

Fustaigne confirmed that the first set will be won by Boris Bettor 6/4, easing slightly to 13/8, before coming back in as punters get their money on late. In the second set Roger Beterer will open with a pair of aces at 2/1, followed by a deuce at even money, a volley of expletives at every close call, returned in spades by the outsider in the tournament, Andy Moneyover, who then folds. The jackpot will be won by [read more…]



Players betting on outcome of matches they are involved in is integral part of sport in Australia says Fustaigne



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