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Year In Review

2016 is coming to an end, so it’s time to look back and see how much you remember of the year’s events, as reported in the Western Herald.

At different times during the year, how many civilians did the Western Herald say were besieged in Aleppo – was it?

a) 400,000

b) 300,000

c) 200,000

d) 100,000

e) All of the above

And for 5 bonus points, if you have 400,000 people, and according to the UN 34,000 of them get on a bus, where have the rest of them gone?

Demonstrable proof is an important part of arriving at conclusions in science. In reporting for the Western Herald is it?

a) Rare

b) Optional

c) Usually made up

d) Usually gathered from the internet

e) All of the above

The Western Herald was just one of the many media outlets that didn’t report on corruption at the Rio Olympics. But according to the Chair of the Australian Olympic Committee, how much did Western Plains taxpayers get ripped off for – was it?

a) $10 million for each medal

b) $15 million for each medal

c) $20 million for each medal

d) $25 million for each medal

e) $30 million for each medal.

Based on a voter survey, which of these did Western Plains people, or any people for that matter, not consider to be an issue in the 2016 Australian Federal Election?

a) Who was standing for election

b) Why they were standing for election

c) If, in fact, they were standing for election

d) Gay marriage

e) All of the above

In an interview with the Western Herald this year, Chief Magistrate and 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Adam Fustaigne said xenophobia is an Australian ___?

a) Cricketer

b) Green grocer

c) Character in Neighbours

d) Island

e) Tradition

According to the Western Herald, in July this year a UFO landed near Western Plains. The Mayor ordered the aliens to be detained at Western Plains Zoo from where they mysteriously disappeared. Why was this important historical event withheld from the public by the trendy liberal media?

a) The policeman who arrested the aliens may have been drunk

b) The journalist who reported the story may have been drunk

c) The mayor may have been drunk

d) The aliens may have been drunk

e) The aliens may have been eaten

What is the most popular animal among visitors to Western Plains Zoo?

a) Rare zebra

b) Aged antelope

c) Lightly poached rhino

d) Giraffe, carelessly fried on overhead wires

e) Alien of the day

According to a reader survey, which category of vegetables do Western Plains people eat most?

a) Salt and vinegar

b) Cheese and onion

c) Barbeque beef

d) Smokey bacon

e) Alien


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