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How to detect fake news

Fustaigne Publishing says it is taking immediate action after widespread criticism that most of the articles that appear in its media outlets are just cut and pasted from other people’s press releases <keep source formatting keep text only match destination formatting>.

The drastic new measures include reading the articles first and more careful proof-

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rupert Fustaigne said distinguishing between news published in the Western Plains Herald and harmless political bias is a complex philosophical problem.

‘It is a Kant of a problem’ he said ‘Sometimes we get taken in by very plausible stories which turn out to be fakes – like the Hitler diaries, or the moon landing. And then you look like a real <Font Paragraph >.’

But what is the truth really and how can we distinguish between the truth and State Department Press Releases? Can you tell the difference? Take the Herald’s quiz to find out.

Which complete and utter hoax was picked up by the world’s trendy liberal media?
a) Global Warming
b) Y2K
c) Communism
d) The International Monetary Fund
e) Bitcoin
f) Sam Allardyce.

Which part of this entirely plausible news story don’t you believe?
a) Barak Obama’s real name is Obama Bin Laden
b) He has signed all the papers to declare civil war
c) He’s just waiting for the right moment to make it public
d) When he does no-one will be allowed to enter the country and no-one will be allowed to leave
e) In preparation the US Government has printed enough money to buy ten of everything.

Which excuse will we use next time we get caught out running a fake story?
a) We can’t possibly reveal our sources
b) We believed it to be true at the time
c) There was no evidence to suggest that it wasn’t true
d) We can’t recall the precise details
e) The truth is what Mr Fustaigne says it is.


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