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Teaching is one of the difficultest challenges faced by educational institutions

Andreas Fustaigne, one of the least known education experts in the whole world nearly, has warned that we have to think more harder about how we teaches education to children, students and such like.

He put it eloquently at a recent Educating, Teaching, Tutoring and Instructing Forum: “If we have a product that we want to market, it is imperative that we find alternative ways of articulating essentially similar concepts” he said.

“Or to put it another way, if we have a book to sell, we have to come up with different ways of saying the same thing.”

Fustaigne, himself a former teacher at Western Plains School for Teaching, also said that if we want to be taken seriously we have to avoid making ridiculous apocalyptic statements: “Otherwise it could be the end of civilisation as we know it” he said.

In explaining his novel approach, Fustaigne has called for the urgent use of more mixed metaphors.

“If we want to prepare our children for the real world at the cutting edge of new developments on the battlefield of life, we need to think outside the box and stop treating teachers as inter-changeable widgets on the frontline of all our yesterdays” he said.

Fustaigne described how his approach is being implemented in Dubai where not only is corporal punishment for minor misdemeanours still widely practised, students are also taught that women who commit adultery should be stoned to death. Teachers spoke enthusiastically about the positive influence this has had in the classroom and [read more….]



Fustaigne: I’m always getting capital and corporal punishment mixed up



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