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What the funk?

The world of cross dressing has been rocked this week by revelations that back in the sixties and seventies, pop stars, celebrities, politicians and the director of the FBI would dress up in other peoples clothes, go to parties, drink alcohol, take drugs and listen to loud music. And according to pictures recently found in books, magazines, television, youtube, the internet and pretty much everywhere, maybe they weren’t the only ones.

‘This is sickening’ said a spokesperson for Western Plains Transvestite Gun Club. ‘Half the fun in dressing up as a member of the opposite sex is shocking your mum and dad. But now it seems that mum and dad were doing it as well…I think I’m going to puke.’

Pictured 1) J Edgar Hoover                   2) Gay Edgar Hoover_92123369_edd2e5e9-e982-46ea-84f9-e24e170b50d4                  backstage-funkadelic



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