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How to prepare stir fried tripe – and get it published

Reports are coming in from the Oriental Palace that a group of seven former co-workers from a 24 hour burger restaurant in Yass have applied for political asylum in Western Plains.

A spokesperson for the group said they had chosen to defect to the Oriental Palace because they had become tired of their employer’s constant ideological campaigns and attempted brain-washing. Some also said they had become disillusioned with their lives after watching Australian television dramas. And to be fair, if you’ve ever watched an Australian television drama you’ll know exactly how easy it is to become disillusioned with life.

According to sources, the group plans to seek employment in the Oriental Palace kitchens where workers are said to be selected on the basis of their perceived loyalty to the management, not their culinary skills. ‘Lucky for us’ said one of the former Macdonalds’ co-workers.

The group say they are unable to provide details of how they got to Western Plains from Yass because it would place a strain on diplomatic ties, as well as the credibility of their story and [read more…]




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