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Parallel Lives – Fidel Castro and the Queen of England

This week our teecher axed us to go on the internet and find out about Annie Versery who is 90 this year. The winning essay got to be published on the BBC. The teecher throwed my essay in the bin which is a shame cos I fot it was feckin good.

Annie Versery, Fidel Castro and the Queen are 90. They was all born in the same year and are still living just about.

It’s 400 years since William Shakespeare died. He writed a lot of boring stuff such as plays, pomes and stuff. He rote in the Queen’s English. Fidel Castro has to rite all his pomes in Cuban as it’s the only language the communists understand.

It’s 300 years since Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown was born. He was a famous gardener in history. The Queen has a lot of famous gardens in history where she grows her own vegetables. My grandad says they taste better than what you get at Tesco. Fidel Castro grows cigars in his garden.

It’s 200 years since Argentina got it’s independence. The Queen fought Argentina in the Forklifts War. Fidel Castro was on their side. But the Queen won because she had right on her side. And nuclear submarines.

It’s the 100th anniversary of the Dadaist Art Movement. Dada was a famous painter in history. He painted lots of palaces and castles. The Queen wanted him to paint her front room but he was fully booked until November. We don’t know if Fidel Castro was available or if the Queen even asked him.

It’s the 90th anniversary of the first Winnie-the-Pooh book. Official and unofficial Castro biographers alike tend to agree that it was reading about Pooh’s ruthless exploitation of the worker bees that influenced Fidel’s worldview and [read more….]


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