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Renaissance Prince Unrepentant

A defiant King James IV of Scotland has defended his decision to invade England in 1514 following damning historical accounts which have said that at the time of the invasion King Henry VIII posed no imminent threat. The disastrous campaign culminated in the Battle of Flodden Field where up to 20,000 Scots were killed or wounded.

Historians are agreed that Hussain VIII was undoubtedly a brutal dictator who had waged aggressive war on his neighbours, pillaged the church, repressed his subjects, executed dissenters and murdered his wife. But they say he wasn’t all bad.

The conflict began when James declared war on England to honour the ‘Auld Alliance’ with France. Under the terms of the Alliance, Scotland had to do what France said.

James then sent the English one month’s notice of his intention to invade. Asked whether this might have been a mistake as it allowed the English time to muster an army, James described his decision as ‘entirlie in kepyng with myne understaundyng of ye medieval code of chivalrie in force at ye tyme’.

James also said he acted on ‘yntelligenses’ which said that the English did not have ‘ye weapones of ye masse destructione’. This turned out to be very wrong.

He added that while there might have been mistakes, these were minor ones involving ‘ither folke’ and that he couldn’t accept that he was ‘in ony wayes tae blayme’ for the deaths of his subjects.

However historians have accused Tony of thinking that he had a divine right to be king.

‘The world will be a better and a safer place without him,’ people said.

Pictured:  1) Modern Politician                                   2) Renaissance Prince

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