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Community Attitudes Changing

Attitudes are changing in the community with gay people now feeling confident enough to admit publicly that they are farmers.
Crossdresser Bruce Spruce who farms two hundred hectares outside Western Plains in a frilly dress and pink stockings, says that for many years he led a double life. During the week he was a hairdresser in Dubbo’s trendy West End, but at weekends he would escape to the country where he could mix openly with people with the same ‘agricultural’ leanings. Bruce says he was pressured into becoming a hairdresser by his bi-curious father who operated a little unisex salon in Forbes.
He claims that there are many people in the homosexual community who are forced to make a living as hair dressers, waiters, estate agents and television presenters when really what they want to do is work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, going out in all weathers, shovelling sh[read more….]



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