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Demolition Failures

The Glasgow Housing Association has apologised after its attempts to demolish the iconic Red Road Flats in Glasgow left two of the six towers largely intact.  The remaining towers are to be renamed the Red Face Flats.

And in other news from Scotland, the leaders of the Scottish Nationalist Party have refused to apologise after their attempts to demolish the Parliament of the United Kingdom also ended in failure.

The Parliament, which was erected in 1707 following the unification of Scotland and England, was supposed to come tumbling down following a referendum held in 2014 to decide on its future. However the SNP have admitted that they may have underestimated the strength of support for the anachronistic structure.

The SNP said in a statement: “The original plan was that dismantling would be achieved by democratic means. However, this did not go completely according to plan.”

“All we are asking for now is another shot.  We sincerely apologise to everyone who thought that we would accept the people’s verdict the first time.”

Pauline Booth, the editor of Plebiscites Monthly, said it was not particularly unusual for a large democratic project to go wrong.

“Often when you are having a secret election you don’t know in advance how it’s going to turn out,” she said, “So relying on just one referendum is a bit risky. It’s better to go best of three.”

“We have seen similar situations around the world, especially in Australia, where people are used to electing one person as Prime Minister and ending up with someone completely different.”


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